Delivery of the first domestic unit of a million unit boiler blower

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After 150 days, the first domestic Limited by Share Ltd Hangzhou steam turbine driven boiler fan project of Huaneng Haimen power plant the first fan steam turbine and condenser project recently on schedule, the company hit the most reactionary turbine short delivery record.
Since January this year, less than half the time, Huaneng Haimen Power Plant, Huaneng Qinbei Power Plant Co., Guodian Zhejiang Beilun third power plant three steam turbine driven fan project, a total of 12 sets of wind turbine all flowers Hangzhou Steam, cumulative sales of 118 million 630 thousand yuan. According to the preliminary calculation, each set of units can save 20 million kilowatt hours per year for users, which is equivalent to 2 million yuan and more than 6000 tons of coal saving.
The reporter learned that before the Haimen Power Plant used the steam fan, the boiler blower in the thermal power plant all adopted the motor drive mode. With the increasing scale of power industry in recent years, the operation load of domestic thermal power plants is low for a long time, and the rise of coal prices will further lead to the decline of economic benefits of power plants. Under the national policy of energy saving and emission reduction, the major power companies have taken measures to save energy and reduce consumption. Whether the fan can use the steam turbine drive has become the focus of the major power companies and design institutes in China.
In 2008~2009, the project demonstration meeting of the Huaneng International Haimen Power Plant and Qinbei Power Plant was held to discuss the feasibility of the turbine driven fan. Hangzhou steam is keen to capture this market dynamics. From the start of the 2008 project to the project bidding in 2010, Hangzhou Steam has been communicating with the power plant and the design institute. After the signing of Haimen Power Plant, the hang fan immediately placed it as a key project. Yan Jianhua, the general manager, was appointed as the leader group leader and deputy general manager Ye Yongzhong.
The power plant and Design Institute are very cautious in the process of design and equipment selection because of the inexperience of the draft fan turbine. On the one hand, the fan belongs to the auxiliary boiler, and there is a lot of uncertainty in the operation of the smoke air system. On the other hand, the results of selection will be directly related to the price of the bid, and affect the market competitiveness of the product. Considering the efficiency of steam turbine, the cost of products, the versatility of the aircraft, and the shortest manufacturing cycle required by the aircraft, Hangzhou automobile discussed the selection results repeatedly, trying to make the models most competitive.
Hangzhou automobile related responsible person said that after Haimen Power Plant, Qinbei Power Plant and Beilun power plant's three projects bidding, signing, and device data delivery process, Hangzhou automobile has formed NK, HNG two series and 3 typical models. Now the fan 1 million ton 80 units are still using motor drive, 600 thousand ton 500 units still use motor drive, Haimen Power Plant three wind turbine driven boiler fan project, open a new market space for the domestic large power steam turbine.

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