Office Clerk

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Job requirements:

1, under the age of 26, the height of more than 1.6 meters, good image temperament, good Mandarin, strong communication and coordination and language expression ability.

2, meticulous work, conscientious and conscientious, hard work, diligent, and patient.

3, familiar with the basic operation of computers, skilled in the use of office office software and automation equipment, have basic network knowledge, and will have some simple design software, such as Photoshop.

4, be able to comply with the arrangement of superior leaders, and timely and efficiently complete each work of the leadership.

Job content:

1, responsible for the numbering, copying, printing, typesetting and filing of all kinds of computer documents of the company.

2, coordinate the work of various departments, distribute goods, and arrange the meeting.

3, assist the cleaning staff to complete the daily maintenance work of the public office area and conference room environment, and ensure the clean and orderly office area.

4, do a good job of daily phone call, office supplies procurement, the company items sorting and storage.

5, do a good job of recruitment, and the salary settlement of the staff.

6. Other tasks assigned by the Department Manager.

Salary treatment:

2000 yuan a month probationary period, after the positive 2200 - 3000 yuan, with five insurance, can provide free accommodation, offering subsidized meals and transportation allowance, then make and have free training at home and abroad and learning opportunities to travel.


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