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HL-YHP-1200 Features: HL-YHP-1200 arc polishing machine is a new type of machinery designed and manufactured by our factory with the advantages and disadvantages of various types of circular arc machines on the market. Due to its complete functions, easy operation, Running smoothly, no vibration, low noise, so after the market has been the praise of all manufacturers, the aircraft can be ceramic, stone arc or 45 ° bevel processing, processing out of the step brick, the quality of the foot line is perfect , And the processing cost is very low, for decoration works better, more significant.

Model HL-YHP-1200 HL-YHP-1200
Technical parameters YHP-1200 14 Polishing Heads YHP-1200 16 Polishing Heads
Conveyor belt number 1 pcs 1 pcs
Polishing the number of grinding head 14 pc 16 pc
Polished grinding head diameter Φ100mm Φ100mm
Chamfer wheel number 5 pc 5 pc
Chamfer wheel diameter Φ150-Φ200mm Φ150-Φ200mm
Number of grinding wheel 2 pc 2 pc
Grinding wheel diameter Φ200mm Φ200mm
Open the number of anti-chute 3-4 pc 3-4 pc
Slotted blade diameter Φ150mm Φ150mm
Pneumatic chamfer grinding head number 1 pc 1 pcs
Pneumatic chamfer grinding head diameter Φ100mm Φ100mm
Dry out the outlet 2 pc 2 pc
Working width 70-1200mm 70-1200mm
Polishing speed 0-12M/min 0-12M/min
Processing brick thickness 6-20mm 6-20mm
Total power 42KW 43.5KW
Water Consumption 390L/min 500L/min
Power consumption 23KW/h 24KW/h
Air consumption 55L/min 56L/min
Outer dimension(L×W×H) 8.5×2.3×1.8m 8.7×2.3×1.8m
Weight 6200kg 6350kg
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