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What are the main types of sliding lines?

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he power supply sliding line device consists of a sheath, a conductor, a receiver and three main components and some auxiliary components.
The power supply sliding line device consists of a sheath, a conductor, a receiver and three main components and some auxiliary components.
1. Sheath: It is a semi-closed guide tubular part, which is the main part of the sliding line. The inside can be embedded with 3-16 carcass guide rails as power supply wires as needed, and the guide rails are insulated from each other to ensure the safety of power supply. Sliding contact line, safe sliding line and effectively prevent the electrician from getting an electric shock during live maintenance. Each length of the pipe produced by the manufacturer is different, and can be connected to any required length. The ordinary pipe is made into a straight line, or can be made into a circular arc according to special requirements.
2, conductor: the main material is copper, according to its cross-sectional area commonly used 10 square, 16 square, 25 square
3. The electrical receiver is a set of brush housings running inside the conduit, which is driven by a fork (or traction chain, etc.) placed on the power supply mechanism (driving, trolley, electric hoist, etc.) to make it and the power consumption mechanism. Synchronous operation will drive the power of the brush through the rails to the motor or other control components. The number of poles of the electrical brush has 3-16 poles corresponding to the number of poles in the conduit. Power supply line device can be used for electric hoist, electric beam and electric single girder bridge crane; stacker, automatic detection line for electromechanical products, automated production line, mobile power tools and other mobile power receiving equipment, as well as factories, mines, workshops The busway is fixedly laid in the office.
At present, the sliding lines are mainly divided into the following types:
Safety slide line - used for dust, moisture and other environments, can be equipped with dust seals and hand protection (handle protection when the line is very close to people, such as: akapp). The collector operates at a speed of less than 300 m/min.
Multi-pole sliding line - easy to install, fast, simple and compact structure, safe and reliable, suitable for currents below 100A
Rigid body slide line - for high current equipment, current up to several thousand amps, suitable for harsh environments, high temperatures
Unipolar sliding lines - combined according to different pole numbers, the current can reach up to thousands of amps, which is the commonly used sliding line.