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Industry information

Maintenance of the sliding line!

Update time:2018-11-14 11:37:36Clicks:3128
To ensure the normal operation of the sliding line and prolong its service life, it should be regularly inspected after the sliding line is put into operation.
In order to ensure the normal operation of the sliding line and prolong its service life, the sliding line should be regularly inspected after it is put into operation.
1. Brush: It should be checked every 1-3 months according to the usage of mobile electrical equipment. Focus on checking the wear of the collector brush. If the wear amount is ≥5mm, it must be replaced. If the brush is found to be loose or wear-induced deflection during inspection, the cause should be identified and disposed of in time.
2, collector: at least once every quarter. Focus on checking the fasteners for looseness, displacement and wear of plastic parts and moving parts, check the spring tension (the contact pressure of the collector brush and the guide rail should maintain a certain pressure (see table below). The problem is found in time.
3. Connector: Check at least once a year. Focus on checking whether the fastening bolts, welds and supports are loose, rusted, displaced, etc., find problems and deal with them in time.
4, daily inspection: key inspection of the straightness of the track with or without significant deviation (more than 20mm), misalignment, insulation protection parts are not falling off, broken, broken, stainless steel "v" groove with or without lifting; there is no foreign matter on the track And conductive dust and so on. If necessary, check whether the insulation resistance meets the requirements (phase-to-phase insulation resistance should be ≥5MΩ).
In particular, the deviation of the track alignment, gauge distance, inclination, etc. is large, the use is frequent, the workshop dust is too large, the temperature is high, and there are water, acid, alkali, fog and outdoor use environment, and daily inspection and maintenance must be strengthened.